The series “a servant of the people” regarded as political advertising

Zelensky called upon to pay for the screening of the film from the electoral Fund.

Серіал «Слуга народу» розцінили як політичну рекламу

Show the third season of “servant of the people” should be paid for from the electoral Fund of the candidate in presidents Vladimir Zelensky, as political advertising. This is the position adopted in the Committee of voters of Ukraine, informs Rus.Media.

KIA are confident that the screening of “Servants of the people 3” is an activity to encourage voters to vote for Zelenskiy, which plays a major role in the series.

This interpretation corresponds to part 1 of article 58 of the Law “On elections of President of Ukraine”, which stipulates that the election campaign is any activity with the purpose of prompting voters to vote for or not to vote for a certain candidate for President of Ukraine.

One of the forms of election campaigning in accordance with the law is the publication in printed and audiovisual (electronic) mass media films.

“The OIO considers that the screening of the film “the servant of the people 3″ on political issues positively portrays the artistic character Zelensky, and its name is identical to the name of a political party, the nominee of which is Zelensky in the presidential elections”, – stated in the message.

In this regard, Zelensky call to pay the series “servant of the people 3” on TV. Stress that otherwise it would be a violation of the law “On elections of President of Ukraine”, which prohibits the financing of campaigning materials out of the electoral Fund of a candidate.

“The situation was similar in 2018 in Lithuania, where one of the local politicians has paid a part of the show, who promoted his work. Main character was visually similar to the policy, as well as in the series positively mentioned his party. The Central electoral Commission of Lithuania acknowledged the individual scenes of the film a political advertisement with the corresponding legal consequences”, – said the head of CVU Alexey Purse.

Premiere of the new season of “servant of the people” is scheduled for March 2019.