The series If you liked renews her vows

La série Si on s’aimait renouvelle ses vœux

The guilty pleasure of the spring 2020 will continue. In spite of a difficult childbirth and a pandemic COVID-19, which could complicate his shoots, If we liked to come back in 2021.

TVA has renewed its reality in love for a second season. The sexologist Louise Sigouin will resume the service as an expert in the coaching relationship and Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge and Émily Bégin will continue to comment on amorous encounters, confirms the producer and designer of the format, Anne Boyer, Duo Productions.

Shoots covering the period September to December. Despite the measures of distance-physical, which will prevent likely to the participants to know the true reconciliations, and Anne Boyer has good hope of being able to deliver a season that will appeal to 684 000 viewers who followed the program, while adhering to the government guidelines. The step of the first meetings will be touring outside.

“We found solutions, but what we decide today may change tomorrow. It fits, ” says the producer.

If you liked will show, between two therapy sessions with Louise Sigouin, the steps that need to take singles that are interested in being a couple. These new episodes should be easier to spawn than those that were seen during the months of April, may and June. The launch of docu-reality, originally scheduled for the fall of 2019, has been postponed two times.

“We developed something new,” says Anne Boyer. We worked hard, it took more time than expected, but finally, we were very satisfied with the result. “

False rumors

As for the rumors that the production has refused to let the participants during filming, and Anne Boyer asserts that they are false.

“The only candidate who was asked to leave the series, it is Jean-Philippe. And you left from. We don’t keep people by force even if they have signed a contract. Frankly. “

After a few meetings inconclusive (the word is weak) with Fanny in the beginning of the season, Jean-Philippe has effectively signalled that it wished to stop the experiment. The entrepreneur and father of three children was later replaced by Anyck.

Diversity sought

Whereas last year, the production had found its candidates, this year, they made a call to the public. Entries are open to all singles aged 25 to 65 years.

Anne Boyer wishes to build a distribution more diverse : from the point of view of the age, origin and sexual orientation.

“The first season, it was only straight white. We hope to cast the net wider this time. I am hopeful that we will find the diversity that we are seeking. ”

The producer want to thank Jennifer, Jonathan, Marie-Eve and company, which agreed last year to participate in the rendez-vous even if they were unaware of what they were embarking. “They were courageous and open. This year, those who will register will have followed the series. There will be no surprises. “

Singles who want to subscribe to If you liked are encouraged to visit the website of the show :

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