The series on the “Lord of the rings” will get 5 seasons and a budget of a billion dollars

Сериал по «Властелину колец» получит 5 сезонов и бюджет в миллиард долларов

Streaming service Amazon is going to threaten on a very ambitious project, reviving the universe Lord of the rings in the format of the series. It became known that the producers are willing to spend a billion dollars, although the budget will be calculated, of course, not for one season, and five. It is also reported that the series will use material from full-length adaptations.

It is still unknown whether the new series being shown is already shown to the audience excerpts from Peter Jackson’s trilogy, or it will be captured and not included in the full meter points. Bosses Amazon also want to bring Jackson in as an Executive producer or at least a consultant. Amazon has acquired the film rights to the Lord of the rings for $ 250 million and plan to create a truly spectacular and ambitious project. Lawyers say that it was one of the most complex transactions in the world of cinema that they had to make, but in the end both parties were satisfied, and after a while the fans of the Saga will once again be able to dive into the beloved world of middle-earth.

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