The service Loop will help to keep the oceans from plastic

New business model re-use containers is designed to affect the situation around the garbage crisis.

Сервіс Loop допоможе зберегти Світовий океан від пластику

In April in the US and France will be a trial run of the online platform Loop. New business model re-use containers is designed to affect the situation around the garbage crisis, which has already engaged in the first year, scientists and Greenpeace, informs Rus.Media.

Edition of Fast Company is sure: close the time, when we buy ice cream, shampoos – so do any products in reusable containers. Imagine: you milked ice-cream, put aluminum bucket, came for him and took on the sterilization and processing. And then again filled with ice-cream and sent to the counter. All this will become a reality thanks to besthd platform Loop, which in the spring is going to launch a beta version of their recyklingowi programs in the United States and France.

“So, recycling is as vital today as ever, explains That Saki, CEO and co-founder of TerraCycle, partner of the project Loop. But it is not able to cut the waste problem at the root. We control the collection of plastic and plastic from the ocean, recycle them for huge corporations Unilever and Procter & Gamble, but every day the ocean becomes clogged more and more. That is how much garbage we were caught – we will not solve the problem.”

According to the journal Science daily in the World’s oceans hits eight million plastic items. To deal with the recycling of plastic packaging, the project was launched Loop. According to Tom Shaka, the problem of ocean pollution is not plastic as such, but that container is only used once. Working on the platform, TerraCycle has partnered with a dozen companies, including Nestle and PepsiCo.

Each pack, presented in a Loop for 100 re-uses. First products with these containers will be sold through e-commerce. For example, you need deodorant. You order it, make a Deposit for a bottle, after which the tool is delivered in a special reusable bag, designed by engineers UPS.

As you fill this bag you again call the courier through the site Loop, and he takes the used containers. Then the buyer return the Deposit. TerraCycle has estimated that such waste-free shipping 50-75% more efficient than alternative methods of cleaning the ocean.

The scheme resembles the system of milk delivery in the early XX century: empty glass bottles exposed to the door, they were taken by the peddler.

Although to come to this comparison, the Loop has yet to prove its viability. It is necessary to consider the durability of the bags containers and the conditions of production of the products, and the willingness of consumers to those changes. Shaki says the fate of the Loop will depend on people’s reactions. Plus the fact that a service already working mastodons type Tide and gilette.

Eight out of ten brands, according to Greenpeace guilty in a garbage crisis, took the side of consumption and waste-free reusable packaging.