The shameful history of American cynicism manipulations Ukraine

Постыдная история цинизма американских манипуляций Украиной

For obvious reasons, coverage of the scandal “trump-Ukraine” in the American media focused mainly on its potential consequences for the United States.

The mainstream media — naturally — more interested in American internal Affairs, know very little what’s happening in other States (mainly because many publications on tight budgets are forced to shrink or close foreign bureaus), and in most cases demonstrate unbridled chauvinism.

However, it is worth reminding readers that cynical manipulation of a trump towards Ukraine were only the culmination extending over many decades and the experience this country unworthy treatment-how from Western States and from other States. And if there’s one country in the world, deserving and generous treatment, so is the Ukraine, but it is like a hired mule – turned into an object of abuse. And it’s a shame.

It’s hard to remember any country with a more complex history of the last century than the history of Ukraine. First, there raged a large-scale conflict during the First world war, and the civil war in Russia has exacerbated its effects. Independent Ukrainian Republic was short-lived — it was conquered by the Bolsheviks, who created the puppet government of the Ukrainian Soviet socialist Republic.

A few years later the relentless efforts of Stalin’s collectivization of agriculture was crowned by a monstrous famine that claimed the lives of about 3.5 million Ukrainian civilians. In the Grand purges in the late 30-ies of the secret police eliminated another 130 000 people, including almost all the Communist leadership of the Republic.

Few years later, Ukraine wins and occupied by Nazi Germany, carried out there a considerable part of the crime era of the Holocaust. Then Ukraine recaptures Soviet Red Army: of course, it was much better than the Nazi occupation, but there were hardly probable not the most fierce fighting in all the wars in history. As a result of the armed conflict has killed about 7 million people, including almost 1.5 million Jews at the hands of the Nazis.

In terms of the restored Soviet rule, Ukraine was feeling relatively good – the Republic became a center of heavy industry and military research. However, the side effects of the Communist dictatorship have sometimes been quite disastrous especially the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that triggered the radioactive contamination of a large part of the Northern regions of Ukraine and the evacuation of a city with a population of 50,000 people. As a steady progression of multiple sclerosis and dysfunction of the Soviet Union, the Ukrainian economy fell into stagnation.

The collapse of the Soviet Union stimulated the independence of Ukraine as a democratic state. There is hope that the country will finally be able to start life with a clean slate, gradually climbing the stairs of development. But this did not happen.

The old Soviet economy suffered from serious structural problems, and the project emergency privatization recommended by Western economic advisers, has only exacerbated the situation. New oligarchic class accumulated in the hands of vast wealth, while the overall economy experienced a crippling crisis of recession and hyperinflation, and growth in economic growth was achieved only in 2000.

The glaring inequality in combination with the traditions of the dictatorship stimulated the rampant corruption, and a signature feature of Ukrainian policy were political assassinations and autocrats-stealers.All this – for the most part – ignored by the Western powers, continued to aggressively promote its institutional boundaries to the East, without much thinking over what is actually required to restore order in post-Communist States.

The United States continued to mindlessly expand NATO — an organization designed to counteract has long been non-existent power, farther and farther into the territory of the former Eastern bloc. The European Union did the same. The stated purpose was allegedly the unification of Europe into a prosperous, integrated continent. But the farther Western institutions progressed through the territories of the former Soviet Union, the worse were the results.

All this brought down the wrath of Russia-so the preconditions had been created diplomatic and economic crisis with catastrophic consequences. In the period from 2000 to 2008 the Ukrainian economy grew steadily, but then she again experienced the consequences of the global financial crisis, triggering a strong downturn in the manufacturing sector. In addition, Ukraine had an enormous (and uncontrollable Kiev) debt denominated in foreign currency. From the default of Ukraine saved only the loan granted by the IMF in 2008, accompanied by the presentation of the traditional requirements of fiscal austerity, which only further undermine the Ukrainian economy.

As writes British historian Adam ACE in the book “Everything crashed” (Crashed), as of 2013, the European Union was in a state of active accession negotiations with the Ukrainian leadership. While the Ukrainian economy was still in poor condition, and real recovery she needed massive assistance. At this time Russia (it accounted for 26% of Ukrainian exports) has threatened sanctions in response to the signing by Kiev of the Association agreement.

And if the Western powers — especially the United States, having the greatest influence on the IMF, then with all seriousness to the previously undertaken commitments, they would have offered Ukraine a giant package of measures for the rehabilitation and restructuring of the economy, would raise her legs and compensate any possible damages from a hypothetical Russian sanctions.

Instead, the Association Agreement with the EU was complemented by a PATHETIC and poor loan from the IMF, and most of the borrowed funds should have been used to repay issued in 2008 year of the loan. The European Union has offered only € 610 million.

As noted by the ACE: “in Return, the IMF demanded significant budget cuts, a 40% increase in tariffs for natural gas and 25% devaluation of the Ukrainian currency“.

Subscribe to it would be tantamount to committing an act of political suicide. “Personal as some of the Ukrainian oligarchs was significantly higher than the proposed amount Ukraine“,- writes the ACE.

Here intervened the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, announcing the intention to provide a loan of $15 billion with the condition of Ukraine’s accession to the Eurasian customs Union. Then-President Viktor Yanukovych — an extremely corrupt politician, and a man caught between a rock and a hard place, made the proposal.

But Yanukovych’s decision provoked a massive political uprising, a heated behind-the-scenes pressure from the Americans. “We are obliged to do something to save it all, — the then U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt said Victoria Nuland, who was at that time the post of Deputy Secretary of state, — can be absolutely sure, if things begin to gain momentum, the Russians behind the scenes will do everything to frustrate these plans“. A few months later — in 2014, Yanukovych fled to Russia, and replaced by a Pro-Western coalition that has made something from her and expect-signatories to the onerous agreement with the EU.

In response, Putin seized the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine and a separatist movement in Eastern Ukraine has provided support and weapons. The prospect of EU membership had to be frozen in connection with an active armed conflict.

The US responded with providing weapons and support – the same one that President trump tried to blackmail the new Ukrainian President — former comedian Volodymyr Zelensky for the start of the investigation in relation to the Biden family.

In General, Ukraine is emerging from many decades of terrible suffering, remains an object of cynical manipulation by the us imperialists, actively inciting senseless and counterproductive conflict with Russia, giving the Kiev commitments and resources sufficient to continue hostilities, but in no way insufficient for victory.

As a result, we got another frozen conflict – in the acute phase and with meager prospects for a peaceful settlement. This war has claimed the lives of 13 000 Ukrainians, and the economy again suffered a devastating loss. The election of a new President of the United States marked the only change in the USA to Kiev, namely the attempt to compel this country to join the conspiracy by a cheap political trick.

Given the inherent Western powers absolute unwillingness at once to turn Ukraine to France, the use of this exhausted country only in order to rebuke Vladimir Putin, should be considered a felony.

From its effects suffer not the Americans. Terribly sorry President Zelensky — perhaps the most worthy leader of Ukraine, apparently, really wants to help his country stand on its feet.

I’d never wanted to see Ukraine as a piece on the map, a pawn on the chessboard of major global players. I would never not wanted someone to have had the opportunity to dispose of us, to use as cover, or as part of the deal, he declared in a recent interview with Time. — As for the United States, I would really — and we really believe in it — to help us, understand us, saw that Ukraine itself an equal player that they can’t make deals with our participation with anyone behind us“.

Of course, Russia is to blame for inciting this war to the same extent as the United States. But Russia-not America, and the Ukraine shares her border, and in the actions of NATO and the EU – with sufficient reason – Putin sees a conspiracy of encirclement and isolation of Russia.

No doubt he is quite able to fight back if they wish. And therefore, according to David Klion on the pages of The Nation, “in the settlement of the conflict and achieve at least some level of discharge with account of Russian interests, and perhaps with Ukraine as a peaceful buffer state – no alternative to diplomatic negotiations just yet“.

If America is so eager to fight against the influence of Putin, it can achieve this by restoring a completely destroyed system of U.S. taxation, allowing today’s Russian oligarchs to hide in America billions of ill-gotten gain, and by signing a climate agreement, depriving Russia of income from the traditional trade in natural gas. This is the ideal way to push Russia to “decarbonization” of its economy and non-interference in elections in other States.

And right now we – at least-can stop treating Ukraine as a cheap toy, used only for the realization of the imperialist fantasies of the Washington elite.

Translation Of Konstantin Vasilkevich

Source – The Week

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