The Shape of the Water : Del Toro speaks about his film, between the pursuit of love and brulot an America Trumpienne






Future masterpiece of a beauty to cut the breath, Shape of Water (the Shape of The Water in French) deserves to be scrutinized by its director, Guillermo Del Toro.

Wide screen has had the chance of a sneak preview of the next realization of the gothic and poetic Guillermo Del Toro. Closer to the Pan’s Labyrinth as a Pacific Rim, the slam of the year now has a name. Golden Lion at the last Venice film Festival, the Shape of The water (the Shape of Water in VO) is a small gem of a film, probably the film the most successful of its Mexican director. The work of the maturity. It deserves an analysis on the part of its author Guillermo del Toro.


Michael Stuhlbarg, Michael Shannon, Guillermo Del Toro and David Hewlett on the set of the film


Masterpiece eminently personal, the artist has abandoned his giant robots, demons, superheroes, and we book a tale of modern times. A return to the origins relevant which leads the filmmaker back on the genesis of his long :

“I’m obviously inspired by The Strange Creature from the Black lagoon, this story of impossible love between the monster and Julia Adams. The tragic end struck me and I wanted to tell a story of this kind. “

As in each of his films, love is a character which is predominantly in The Form of Water :

“Showing your emotions is frowned upon today. It is to be a rebel to show his feelings. The most powerful emotions is love like water is the most powerful natural elements. It is also the parallel between the two that I wanted to show in the film. So far, this is not a romantic comedy. Sally hawkins is not a Disney princess, genre, beauty and the Beast. The creature of the water represents the other, to be desired, the unknown. “

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Extremely rich in theme, the film goes beyond the simple framework of the tragic lovestory. By drawing a story between two people that everything opposes and, paradoxically, directly related to, Del Toro conveys messages and ideas relevant in a society in identity crisis. The double reading is, therefore, necessary :

 “The film seems to be in the 50’s or 60 but the truth is that I wanted to make the film timeless. Shape of Water features full of futuristic, full of promise. I speak of the crisis of racism, the race absurd to the absolute success… Of the themes that echo today ! I wanted to take on the Make America Great Again, which does not represent the future, but that America is gone and has no more meaning today ! “


Michael Shannon, an executioner and a victim of neuroses too contemporary


Del Toro is also on his choice of casting :

“I wrote the film with all the actors in mind. I saw no one other than Sally Hawkins, Octavia Spencer, or Michael Shannon for the role. The character of Michael Shannon is interesting. It is a bastard full but he was not aware of this. He thinks that what he does is the best thing to do. It is a caricature of the faults of contemporary American literature. “

It only remains for you only to wait a long month before its release in le February 21, 2018.