The shipyard Davie shall receive its share of contracts, ” said Couillard

Photo: Jacques Boissinot The canadian Press
According to the prime minister Philippe Couillard, there will be many opportunities to send work to the yard Davie in the coming months.

The prime minister Philippe Couillard is intensifying the pressure on the federal government to correct “decisively “”injustice” that he subjected the employees of the shipyard Davie, Lévis.


In an interview with The canadian Press on Tuesday, Mr. Couillard has hammered that there are not two, but three shipyards in the country, and the third is that of Davie. It must remain active, he said. Mr. Couillard tried to be more aggressive after you have declared on Sunday that, ” even when I taperais of the foot to seek a second tanker, we could wait for a long time “.


The site of quebec, which was recently delivered in cost and on time the ship Asterix, was expecting to receive the contract for a second mothership, Obelix. The royal canadian Navy not wanting more, 113 people have been taught that they lose their livelihood, and about 800 workers in total could be made redundant by the Holidays, “said Mr. Couillard, who recognizes that the time of the year,” gives a peculiar color to this uncertainty “.


“Almost all of the contracts was concentrated in British Columbia and in the maritime provinces. It has created a kind of state of affairs like this that it must stop ; it is necessary to overthrow it and return to much more of symmetry, of justice, fairness and equity in the allocation of the activity, ” he said in an interview.


According to the prime minister, there will be many opportunities to send work to the yard Davie in the coming months, particularly in relation to vessels of the coast guard and the ferry which connects Prince Edward island to the Magdalen islands. He asks what Ottawa sends “a clear signal” to québec workers.


Mr. Couillard, however, did neither quantified its claims nor given due to they are carried out. It was recognized that only the federal government ” had the keys “.


Earlier this month, the national Assembly had made a common front to urge the federal government to give work at the shipyard established in Lévis in order to preserve jobs. Detained, the federal minister of Family and social Development and member of parliament for Quebec, Jean-Yves Duclos, said that ” it is a difficult time for the workers and for the families of the region of Quebec, [but] it is necessary to work still strong. I know that Davie has done for the past several weeks already, that they are in contact intensively with several partners from the government of Canada […] All of these people speak, with the office of the prime minister, to ensure that it happens as quickly as possible and that it has the benefits the most important in the region of Quebec over the next few years. “


Couillard has thrown in the towel, according to the PQ


Nevertheless, the leader of the Parti québécois, Jean-François Lisée, has accused the government of Couillard in a press briefing Tuesday to have dropped out of Chantier Davie. “Philippe Couillard has thrown in the towel,” he said, flanked by the spokesperson of the company, Frédérik Boisvert. “It is possible to mobilize the Quebec to deal with Ottawa, it is possible to construct a balance of power, it is possible to sort of shame the federal government when there is an injustice of this nature. Yes, it is possible. It takes the political will, ” he added.


The two men point out that Quebec currently obtains less than 1 % of the 76 100 billion, which are invested in the canadian naval strategy. “It was beautiful to watch in the history of Quebec and its relations with the Canada, we has never seen a diversion of funds as massive of quebec taxpayers to workers on both coasts, we have never seen it. It is a diversion from the historical fund, ” said Mr. Lisée.


It is clear to the leader of the parti québecois that there is ” a political will to close the Davie “. The shipyard Davie has experienced more turbulence in recent years. It has passed through at least four restructuring, forensic, in addition to close to the total liquidation more than once.

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