The shops are preparing for the reopening

Les commerces se préparent à la réouverture

THREE-RIVERS | As well entrepreneurs from the Mauricie-Centre-du-Québec, Joelle Désaulniers is preparing to reopen his shop in a few days.

“We are excited to see our customers. But it is sure that one has developed health measures are very strict,” explained Joelle Désaulniers.

Then they will return to work Monday, its employees should wear protective masks.

In addition, only half of the fitting rooms of the shop may be used by the customer. The clothes tried on, will also be sidelined.

“We will quarantine them for the day. We have increased our inventory. A product that has been tried once in the day will not go back on the floor”, she said.

Customers will need to disinfect hands at the entrance of the store, questions to use, they will be asked and arrows on the ground will prevent that they intersect. Instructions similar to those of the grocery stores will be put in place in retail outlets.

The CNESST provides a kit of tools for traders. The standards guide health recommends that you restrict the number of customers inside the store, maintain a distance of two meters between each person, and that you regularly clean the surfaces affected.

A challenge

In Caron Chaussures Trois-Rivières, online sales have exploded in the last few weeks. The re-opening and the proximity with the customer is a challenge.

“Are we going to have 50 customers, 10 customers in the store or the people will make their order online? It will be necessary to evaluate day after day according to the demand of the customer. We can’t put a plexiglas top to bottom to make a try of shoes to our customers”, explained Bernard Caron, director-general of the Group, Caron Shoes.

For its part, flooring-Magnan Flordéco is open by appointment since a week. The company is preparing for the arrival of the customer.

“We installed plexiglas already in place to protect our employees and customers. Customers no longer touching the panels of samples. All the panels are handled by the employees”, explained the co-owner Mélanie Mailhot.

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