The shortage of raw materials, aggravated by the lack of coordination

La pénurie de matières premières aggravée par le manque de coordination

The Valley of the Plastics industry believes that good communication between the companies wishing to participate in the production of medical equipment would help alleviate the shortage of certain raw materials.

“It is all well and good to say that there is a lack of visors plastic, it must be able to supply. There is a scarcity, in particular for sheets of polycarbonate. If there was a consultation, perhaps we could consolidate a number of companies, ” says the organization’s executive director, Simon Christian.

The latter is of the opinion that with the approval of the government, a plant could even be built in the province to manufacture the raw material required, in particular for the production of visors, and it could support the request of the companies.

The Quebec-based company Panthera Dental stated recently that it was becoming increasingly difficult to obtain the raw material.

Moreover, in the last few days, the Valley of the Plastics industry has also received several requests from entrepreneurs in search of bottles that may contain a disinfectant for the hands.

“There is a panic to find out of plastic bottles. If people concertaient and doing things in the right order, we solutionnerait the problem soon, because we can produce enough in Quebec, ” says Mr. Christian.

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