The shortage of water in the body leads to the formation of blood clots

Дефицит воды в организме приводит к образованию тромбов

The lack of water in the body leads to blood clots and other cardiovascular diseases. The corresponding statement was made by the endocrinologist and nutritionist Vadim Krylov

In addition, because of the lack of fluid aging skin, wrinkles, sagging belly and swelling. Many people think that the more you drink water, the more swollen, which leads to weight gain. But in fact the opposite is true: if people drink little, the body begins to strongly signal a lack of fluid and making the reserves into the cells. Accordingly, who do not drink, the more it swells.

A sufficient volume of fluid in the human body stimulates the kidneys, allowing the body to remove toxins and reduces the risk of deterioration of mood and depression.

Nutritionists recommend drinking one and a half to two liters of water (30 ml per kilogram of body weight). And during sports or in dry conditions water rate increases.

Earlier it was reported that drought in Sri Lanka: 320 thousand people suffer from lack of water. The average temperature reaches 31 degrees Celsius but meteorologists warn that in the near future this will rise to 40 degrees.