The signals of the body which can be recognized by excessive sugar consumption

In this article, you will learn how to recognize these signals.

Сигнали організму за якими можна розпізнати надмірне споживання цукру

Despite the fact that sugar sweet to eat, and later you face the bitter consequences of its use. This substance negatively affects the work of many organs. The person may have problems with excess weight, cardiovascular system, teeth and mood. How to understand that you crossed the line and consume too much sugar? It turns out that the body is able to so indicate.


In childhood our parents lied when they said that if there is a lot of candy, you can make tooth decay. It turns out that germs that trigger this problem, the main source of food – sugar. If you have started to form cavities, then you eat too much of this substance, informs Rus.Media.

Strong feeling of hunger

If you want to eat, it is possible that the cause of this is excessive amount of sugar in the diet. Sweets lead to malfunction of neurons, which creates a false hunger.


It is possible that the inability to quickly and easily get to sleep tied to excess sugar, which blocks production of the sleep hormone. To fall asleep without any problems, refrain from sugary foods at night.

Feeling tired

If you eat too much sugar, your body will face a shortage of thiamine, which is responsible for the processing of carbohydrates into glucose. Thus, the body will lack energy and you will constantly tired.

Heart problems

The more sugar in your body, the higher the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Acute thiamine deficiency can even induce cardiac arrest.

Despite this list of problems that can occur when excessive intake of sugar, he doesn’t want to give up completely. To the body worked need to eat everything, but in small quantities.