The singer Alex Nevsky is suspended by Musicor

Le chanteur Alex Nevsky est suspendu par Musicor

The record company Musicor and Distribution Select cut the bridges temporarily with Alex Nevsky , following a confession of the singer, who told of having had an abusive relationship for two years with an ex-girlfriend.

“Given the admission by Alex Nevsky of “sexual coercion” in its publication Instagram last Friday, Musicor and Distribution Select suspend for an indefinite period their collaboration with the artist,” says Musicor in a message published on social networks on Monday night.

The singer himself had admitted his bad behaviour, without having been denounced in advance, by publishing a long ticket to the following e-mail received from Stephanie Boulay, Sisters Boulay, who was revealed to be the ex in question.

“I discovered that my behavior made him extremely uncomfortable, and she still bears the wounds,” wrote Nevsky.

The last of the list

Therefore, it is the most recent artist to the music scene to lose, temporarily or permanently, a record contract or representation after seeing his name involved in allegations of sexual misconduct.

Before him, Bernard Adamus, Yann Perreau and Kevin Parent have been dropped by their record label. The rapper Maybe Watson (Alaclair Ensemble) and musician David Desrosiers (Simple Plan) have left their respective groups after being denounced on the web.

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