The sister of north Korean leader does not see the value of a new summit with the United States

La soeur du dirigeant nord-coréen ne voit pas l'intérêt d'un nouveau sommet avec les Etats-Unis

SEOUL | Kim Yo Jong, sister of north Korean leader Kim Jong One, said Friday that she did not see the interest of a new summit with the United States unless “a decisive change” on the part of Washington.

If a summit were to take place, “it is too obvious that it would only serve to boasting boring” on the part of “someone’s proud,” said the agency’s north Korean KCNA Kim Yo Jong, who has emerged as one of the personalities is the most powerful of the plan recluse.

Kim Jong un and us president, Donald Trump met for the first time in 2018 to Singapore, but negotiations are at a standstill since the fiasco of the second summit in February 2019 in Hanoi.

This failure had been caused by disagreement about the concessions that should make North Korea to obtain a relief of the heavy international sanctions it faces because of its nuclear programs and ballistic prohibited by the UN.

Mr. Trump said this week that he believed “that this could be useful”, he would “certainly” again Mr. Kim.

“We don’t need to sit at the same table with the United States at this time”, replied Kim Jong One.

The denuclearization, she added, “is not possible at this stage” and can only be done with the “important and simultaneous” on the part of the other party.

Claiming to speak in a personal capacity, it stressed that it was not a reference to a lifting of sanctions.

Washington has 28 500 troops stationed in South Korea to protect this country from its neighbor to the North.

The United States also have many military assets in Japan and in the Pacific region.

Pyongyang insists that its nuclear power is necessary to guard against a possible american attack.

In December, Mr. Kim had declared an end to its moratorium on testing long-range ballistic missiles.

On several occasions, Pyongyang has stated that they do not want to continue its talks with Washington as long as the United States does not give up not their policy to be “hostile”.

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