the slowness of France questioned

    the slowness of France questioned

    In many countries, queues can be observed to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. These scenes are very different from those held in France. Are the deadlines too long? The strategy of our European neighbors is to vaccinate quickly. In the UK, 800,000 doses were administered, compared to over 78,109 in Germany and 8,361 in Italy. Countries far ahead of France and its 138 people vaccinated between December 27 and 30.

    “This is the time for explanation, for pedagogy. We collect people’s consent before they are vaccinated”, justified the Minister of Health, Tuesday, December 29, on the plateau of 20 Hours. Indeed, before each vaccination, thirty minutes of appointments, on average, in nursing homes, take place to obtain patient consent. According to Professor Jean-#Daniel Lelièvre, head of the infectious diseases department at Henri-#Mondor hospital (AP-HP), these are not excessive precautions because they make it possible to reduce the mistrust of skeptics.

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