The small Norah and Romy died in a violent way

Les petites Norah et Romy sont mortes de façon violente

Nicolas Saillant

The small Norah and Romy have lost their lives in violent ways, has learned The Log, while the mystery persists as to the exact circumstances of their death.

According to the information obtained by The Newspaper, Norah, age 11, and Romy, 6 years old, would have died in the wake of massive head injuries. This element thus allows to exclude the rumor that the two sisters were able to make the soul because of the heat and dehydration.

The girls were rather of the head injuries “severe”. These latter could have been caused in part or in whole during the car accident, but also after it, with the help of a blunt object.

Accident mysterious

The enigmatic car accident, trigger of this vast police investigation, return to the heart of this case. On 8 July, at 21: 30, the vehicle of the father of the girls was found empty and damaged on the fast lane of highway 20, towards Montreal.

The vehicle of Volkswagen brand was proceeding yet in the direction of Quebec when, for an unknown reason, he would have crossed the central median at the height of Saint-Apollinaire. The Sûreté du Québec favours the theory that Martin Carpentier, 44, and his children were in the car during the swerve.

It is, therefore, to say that after the impact, Carpentier would have crossed on foot, with the victims, the two lanes of the A20 in the direction of Lévis, and then penetrate into the wood leading to the rang Bois-Joly, a walk of a little over a mile. It is between this rank and the rank of Saint-Lazare West that the young victims were found, last July 11.

Questions without answers

Why have you left the cabin of the car? In what state were the passengers after the accident? How much time has elapsed between the sheer and the death of children? Between the death of the girl and the fugitive, while approximately 4 km apart, the two places where the bodies were found?

These questions – and many others – remain unanswered and will remain so because of the death of Carpentier, whose body was found Monday at 19 h, in a wooded area on the edge of the rang Saint-Lazare, outside the perimeter of 50 square kilometers searched by the police.

This outcome has occurred after 12 days of research, and is the tragic end of the longest Amber alert in Quebec. Ironically, the funeral of the two small were celebrated on this day.

The fugitive would, however, removed the life there “a few days”, according to the sorry state in which the body was discovered. Yet, it is difficult to decide the precise moment of death, given the heat and humidity that hit the region recently.

Sigh of relief

The end of this chase, the man was greeted with a sigh of relief in the population. In the aftermath of the discovery of Carpentier, Lorraine Martineau, next door to the place where the suicide would have happened, is back for the first time at his cottage. “I was not badly scared,” she confided.

The Sûreté du Québec must hold a press conference in Montreal this afternoon regarding this matter. The organization declined to comment yesterday.

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