The smell in the restroom: how to get rid of unpleasant odor

Bad smell in the toilet is a problem for many Housewives. When cleaning products and air fresheners do not help, begins the search for any means just to eliminate the problem.

Запах в туалеті: як позбавитися неприємного аромату

Where does the bad smell in the toilet?

Despite cleaning and disinfection norms unpleasant odor, and in some cases permanently. Its causes can be not only in poor cleaning and bad habits of the household, informs Rus.Media.

Bad smell in the toilet may appear when:

  • incorrectly mounted corrugation;
  • satilite sewer pipe;
  • the siphon was broken or it was originally set incorrectly.
  • mistakes in the installation of the sewage system.

If all checked, errors and malfunctions in the sewer system no care dressing is done regularly and the smell does not disappear you can use a single secret of flight attendants.

How to remove odor from the toilet?

The duties of flight attendants is to follow health regulations and cleanliness in the plane, including the bathroom. Not always in the sky have access to all means of cleaning. So was invented the single easiest way to get rid of the stink and it worked.

Brew strong coffee in a small container and put it in the toilet. Her smell will kill not only the bad smell, but the aroma of detergents.

Sbirt coffee grounds in a separate container and pour it into the toilet. The unpleasant smell disappears in a few minutes. Now to the toilet you can go without breath hold and not be afraid that this smell is impregnated clothing. This often happens in rural toilets, where disinfection is not so simple.

The benefits of coffee air freshener

  • Almost every house drinking coffee and cleaning coffee grounds. No need to spend extra money, and so everything is at your fingertips
  • To use coffee as a freshener at any time and the effect will be impressive. The method is particularly relevant before the arrival of guests
  • Coffee grounds safe and works better than scented candles, which are lit as an air freshener unlike air fresheners coffee not toxic and does not emit chemicals into the air
  • The effect of coffee is faster and lasts longer than chemical means.