The social network blew up the picture: “trump leads to shooting”

Соцсети взорвал снимок: «Трампа ведут на расстрел»

Tusk leads a trump “to be shot”. Illustration:
The head of the European Council and former Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk blew up the social networks, published in his microblog a picture where he leads his namesake, the President of the United States Donald trumplike to be shot.

Photo taken in London during the NATO summit. Tusk folding the index and middle fingers in a pistol, rests on them in the back of the tramp. The inscription under the picture reads:

“Despite the seasonal turmoil, our transatlantic friendship should continue.”The inscription made in English, which Tusk is known to be “not friendly”, and the same observers saw another symbol — a message to the Anglo-Saxons. Near the trump visible German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister of Italy , Giuseppe Conte. The reaction of users who are subscribed to “Twitter” the former Prime Minister of Poland, corresponding to:

“Hände hoch?” (“Hands up?”), “School of the NKVD. Bravo, shemp!”, “The frame, of course, were accidental, but placed it intentionally. Shock!”, “Why pan is an idiot?”Other observers noticed that many politicians at the NATO summit openly laughed at by trump. Earlier in the Network appeared the video, which canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the President of France Emmanuel macron make fun of the American leader. Perhaps the joke Tusk — from the same series, which means we are dealing with organized mass attack of ridicule on trump’s side of the Western allies.
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