The son-in-law Trump is casting doubt on a possible postponement of the presidential

Le gendre de Trump sème le doute sur un éventuel report de la présidentielle

The son-in-law and advisor to Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, has sown the seed of doubt on a possible postponement of the us presidential election of November 3, due to the coronavirus, before going back on his words.

If only the Congress has the power to change the date of the election, the statements by the husband of Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of the president, have revived speculation on a subject particularly sensitive.

Interviewed by Time magazine about whether he could undertake to ensure that the election can take place on the scheduled date, this advisor very influential remained evasive : “I am not sure that I can pronounce in one way or another, but at this point, it is what is expected.”

Shortly after, and in the face of the controversy that came to Washington, he issued a brief statement : “I have no knowledge of any discussion to try to change the date of the presidential election “.

At the end of April, Joe Biden, democratic candidate for the presidency, said he was convinced that Donald Trump would try to ” one way or another “, to postpone the election.

“I never thought of changing the date,” replied the billionaire republican who is running for a second term of four years. “Why would I do that ? “

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