The son of an anti-Semite. Who Yaremenko caught in a scandal with a girl for $100. The new issue is Clear.Clear with Olesya Medvedeva

Сын антисемита. Кто такой Яременко, попавший в скандал с девушкой за $100. Новый выпуск Ясно.Понятно с Олесей Медведевой

Chairman of the Committee on the issue of foreign policy, Bohdan Yaremenko photographed by journalists while trying to order a prostitute. Olesya Medvedeva in the new issue of the blog is Clear.Clearly understood that this was for correspondence and what else is known to the MP.

First, many journalists thought it looks like a fake. In the photo are the hands of someone not clear, Yaremenko is or he is not. However, later the MP himself confirmed that it was him. He said that it was a cunning plan and provocation, which he allegedly wanted to punish the journalists.

As reported in the media during voting in the session hall Yaremenko was browsing on a Dating site profile 32-year-old Alina, who among the preferences indicated sex, Dating, בוגדות and Dating and relationship do not interest her.

What actually it was and who was previously the Deputy of the public Servants Bohdan Yaremenko, see more in the new issue is Clear.Clear.Video: YouTube/The

Earlier it was reported that “the servant of the people” Yaremenko after a sex scandal suddenly decided to apologize to his wife, and before kids, and before the fraction, and to the President.

We also wrote that Yaremenko said that the wife thanked him for his correspondence with hooker.

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