The son of Victoria Beckham has intrigued fans of candid photos

Сын Виктории Бекхэма заинтриговал фанатов откровенным фото

Brooklyn Beckham, despite their young years, already enjoys wide popularity. And not all the merit of his star parents.

19-year-old son of David and Victoria Beckham have proved that they equally can be proud of and dad, and mom. From the former soloist of the girl band the Spice Girls the young man had inherited good looks, and from his father a passion for tattoos. The young man decided to challenge the fans and posted it on Instagram racy photos.

The heir of a prominent footballer stripped to the waist and even lowered the towel “lower” that fans began to dream. It’s official – the guy just demonstrated his athletic form, but the fans (half of them women) decided that Brooklyn was especially intrigued fans candid photos. “In some tattoos and a towel – you’re terrific, bro!”, — wrote a fan.

Beautiful floor now keep the son of David Beckham in my eyes, because he recently broke up with Chloe Moretz: he changed the 21-year-old sweetheart with the model lexi wood. Numerous models with whom the youth can see at different parties, groupies don’t bother “Too much to be jealous,” sure they are. The increased interest in the person of Brooklyn will remain until he appears the clear favourite. While this role claimed 28-year-old singer lexi Panterra. With her Brooklyn see most often, but he is a fan of tattoos so far, these rumors did not comment.


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