the special evening “Plus belle la vie” explained by the producer of the series

    the special evening “Plus belle la vie” explained by the producer of the series

    Fans have been rejoicing for several weeks. France 3 dedicates a special evening to its soap opera More beautiful life, broadcast after the newspaper since 2004. Tuesday night, the channel will offer the 26th premium in the history of the series, with a long episode aired at 9:05 pm. But not only. Géraldine Gendre, producer of More beautiful life, precise in Media Culture what this evening event will look like.

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    This special evening begins at 8:20 p.m., with the broadcast of the usual daily episode of More beautiful life. But it is at 9:05 pm that France 3 will get into the hard part of the subject, with the start of a new episode of 1:40, entitled “Evasions”. The viewers will find there a plot already started and a new plot.

    “The bonus will focus on two very different escape stories,” announces Géraldine Gendre. “The first around the character of Mouss, unfairly imprisoned in the Baumettes prison, that Louna, Mila and Claire will try to get out of prison. The second around the character of Jeanne, imprisoned in her body, since in a coma for some months. Her mother will return to the places that marked the most beautiful moments of her life. ”

    The goal is thus to satisfy the fans of the series, without losing the viewers of an evening. “We have a plot correlated with everyday life, and one built almost as a unit,” says the producer.

    More beautiful life, more real life

    But the evening does not end there. We already knew More beautiful life attached to integrating current topics into his story. The series also wants to demonstrate that the incredible stories that happen to these characters are also part of reality. France 3 will continue its evening at 10:45 p.m., with the documentary The secrets of Plus belle la vie, hidden lives, stolen lives.

    “We have found testimonies of people who have really experienced the intrigues of our main characters”, explains Géraldine Gendre. We will find the story of Thomas and Riva, with a person who has suffered identity theft. We will also follow testimonies around the stories of hidden children, as the character of Roland was able to experience with us. ”

    This desire to make the link between fiction and reality comes from the returns of viewers, according to the producer. “I saw a message on Twitter again yesterday from a young person thanking More beautiful life, because she had come out of transidentity, “she recalls.” Her grandparents said ‘Ah yes, it’s like the character of Antoine, my God what it must have been hard for you! ‘, and he didn’t need to explain.

    Shedding light on the stories experienced by the French is “one of the strengths of More beautiful life“, in the words of its producer. The interviews of this documentary, to be discovered Tuesday evening, are conducted by Wendy Bouchard, also journalist of the 18-20, every weekend on Europe 1.

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