The sports leagues will have to demonstrate innovation, according to Dr. Theresa Tam

Les ligues sportives devront faire preuve d'innovation, selon Dre Theresa Tam

To resume their activities, the channels of sport north americans will have to find innovative ideas to meet the social distancing, according to the executive officer, canadian public health, Dr. Theresa Tam.

Making the point on the situation of the pandemic COVID-19 in Canada, Dr. Tam has, however, suggested that it was the responsibility of the leagues themselves to find a solution, stating that it was essential that a return be done respecting the distance.

“All sectors must begin to think about how they can be innovative in their way of maintaining social distancing, because currently, we have no other ways to combat the virus,” she advanced during a press conference of the federal government, on Tuesday.

“It is necessary that the communities and the different sectors are looking at their own situation, because public health cannot evaluate all the parameters. We can however provide advice on how to maintain the safety and health.”

The Innovations necessary

Dr. Tam has, nevertheless, recognized that the “innovative ideas”, such as sports without a spectator is welcome in the current situation.

“Some innovative ideas are rising to the surface and [the matches behind closed doors] are one of them. But once again, it is necessary to respect the aloofness and ensure that you do not propagate [the disease]. This is extremely important, regardless of the solutions people are thinking about.

“We know that the level of immunity of the population will not be high, so decisions must be made with caution. We will need to have an approach that takes into account the risks.”

Almost all sports organizations in North America have suspended their activities on march 12, due to the pandemic.

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