the spread of the virus is accelerating in the Orne, the incidence rate four times higher than the alert threshold

    the spread of the virus is accelerating in the Orne, the incidence rate four times higher than the alert threshold

    The latest bulletin from the Normandy Regional Health Agency reveals an increasingly worrying health situation in the Orne. The incidence rate, the number of positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants, jumped to 192.8 (50 being the alert threshold). It is even worse among those over 65.

    The circulation of Covid-19 in the Orne had already been worrying for several weeks. But a new milestone was apparently crossed on December 18.

    In its latest bulletin on the health situation in Normandy, the Regional Health Agency reveals that the Ornais department once again has the highest incidence rate (number of positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants) in the region:

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    An incidence rate of 192.8 in Orne means that the department has reached a level of contamination almost four times higher than the alert threshold (50).

    The situation is even more alarming among the elderly, particularly at risk. According to data recorded by the ARS, the incidence rate reaches 221.8 per 100,000 inhabitants among those over 65.

    Nine EHPADS clusters

    How to explain this high number of contaminations? The presence of many clusters partly explains the high number of Covid cases in the Ornais population.

    16 clusters are still identified in the department : nine of them are EHPADS, which goes hand in hand with the upsurge in positive cases among those over 65.

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    Wearing a mask compulsory everywhere

    In an attempt to limit or even reduce contamination, the Prefect of Orne issued a decree on Wednesday, December 16: now wearing a mask is made compulsory in all the municipalities of the department, except for children under 11 and people with disabilities.

    This measure was only in force in 11 towns: Alençon, Argentan, L’Aigle, Saint-Sulpice-sur-Risle, Mortagne-au-Perche, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, Bellême, La Chapelle-Montligeon, Bagnoles from Orne-Normandie, La Ferté-Macé and Flers.

    The objective is to reduce the risk of contamination and avoid clogging up already full hospital services. As of December 17, 193 positive people were hospitalized in the Orne, more than in Calvados (171), Manche (86) and Eure (176).

    An action plan deployed

    In the coming weeks, with the holiday season conducive to family gatherings, the number of positive cases could worsen further. To avoid aggravating the situation, the ARS and the Orne Prefecture have deployed an action plan aimed at:

    • raise public awareness of barrier gestures, thanks to the deployment of health ambassadors in the most affected areas
    • facilitate access to screening
    • quickly identify contacts at risk
    • support isolation measures
    • strengthen support for the structures concerned by clusters

    Since the start of the epidemic, 1969 people carrying the Covid-19 coronavirus died in Normandy (in hospital and in ESMS), including 1,286 since September 1.

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