The spring skiing repaid?

Le ski de printemps remboursé?

Just after the school break, ski resorts in quebec shut down for the season, and refused to refund the pass of the season. Thousands of customers have felt cheated.

Last march 22, the Association of ski stations of Quebec (ASSQ) announced the end of the ski season because of COVID-19. While the most beautiful of the spring skiing began, the ASSQ has decreed that she had the right to shorten the season by virtue of the Law on consumer protection (CPL). The ASSQ speaks of force majeure, comparable to an end of season early because of bad weather conditions.

“The season ticket holders have benefited from the access to the stations during a long enough period of time to enjoy the snow-covered slopes for their subscription 2019-2020,” said Yves Juneau, the CEO of the ASSQ.

The Office de la protection du consommateur (OPC), on his side, ” invites consumers to check their agreement with respect to what is intended as a definition of “ski season”. It is possible that the duration of the season is not defined [… and that] the contract provides that the ski station determines the time of the close of the season “.

The contract may contain a force majeure clause and a holder of a season pass may be difficult to justify a refund, recognizes the MUTUAL fund. Such goes sells for between $ 150 and 1400 $ per adult, depending on the type of access and the station.

Tickets not used

By contrast, for prepaid tickets, daily ski lesson or equipment rental, as well as for the cards multivisites not consumed, the OPC confirms that the consumer may request a refund (which is not mentioned on the websites of most resorts) or accept a credit for the next season. Mont-Tremblant apply in full to this policy (conditions apply, however, to credit to next year).

Elsewhere, however, there is limited officially to offer credit for the next season. This is shown by the internet sites of Mont Saint-Sauveur, Mont Sainte-Anne, Mont Sutton, where we will honor unused tickets until 31 January 2021) and Bromont (which the credit is fixed at the value of the unused tickets from the season that just ended).

At the time of going to press, the Massif de la Petite-Rivière Saint-François, whose offices are closed until 4 may, had not yet announced his intentions. The customer is invited to write to the


  • Keep all your tickets or prepaid cards not used, as well as transaction receipts.
  • If these tickets were purchased via the internet, the Law stipulates that you can demand a chargeback.
  • Some of the smaller stations end their season at the end of the school break. Other stretch it for as long as possible. Check out the internet sites of the resorts to find out about their refund policies and credit.
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