The SPVQ has given more than 50 fines for the COVID-19

Le SPVQ a donné plus de 50 contraventions concernant la COVID-19

Since the onset of the health crisis, the police of Quebec, has given 51 citations for non-compliance with the rules of containment and social distancing.

In the majority of cases, the fines were issued to people who were organizing parties in their home in the company of people who do not live under the same roof, has revealed on Thursday the head of the police Service (SPVQ), Robert Pigeon.

To a lesser extent, some of the statements of offence have been granted to the owners of shops non-essential, which remained open despite the warnings. “It is not registered in a race to the number of offenders, has assured Mr. Pigeon. We want to enforce the government decree […] that is to say, limit the number of gatherings. ”

It says, ” generally, it has a population, to Quebec, which wants to comply with the rules of order and that made a lot of effort to get there. The community cooperates very well. It is very facilitating “, he added.

Each day, the SPVQ receives a hundred calls and reports relating to the COVID-19. They are obviously not all based. The rule remains the obligation to respect a distance of two metres and to ban the gatherings, in order to avoid the contagion, said Mr. Pigeon.

More policemen at Easter

In this long-leave pascal, citizens should expect an increased police presence. If the weather is nice and the streets are harassed by the population, the police will not hesitate to close down some places that are too busy, if they deem it necessary. This has already happened on 22 march when the access to the popular stairway to the Cap-Blanc, Quebec city, between Champlain street and the parc des Champs-de-Bataille, has been closed.

“Don’t be surprised to see the police officers outside of their vehicle. They will walk through the community. They will give instructions from a distance. If there are people who are in the gap marked, they will receive statements of offence, ” said the chief Pigeon.

In recent weeks, the SPVQ has allowed telework for at least some of its civilian employees. But the police, who provide an essential service and are mostly on the ground. No member of the Service has not been declared positive, the COVID-19, according to the chief Pigeon.

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