The SQ ignores the costs of his cavalry

La SQ ignore les coûts de sa cavalerie

The Sûreté du Québec is unable to provide the total cost of his cavalry during his last year of activities.

This squad equestrian has especially made use of volunteers (around 70) since its inception in 2017.

But starting in 2019, the police of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) have started to be paid as part of certain missions, especially during patrols on horseback.

When our Bureau of investigation has asked how much it had cost, it has been impossible to obtain figures.

In a response provided by the communications service of the SQ, inspector Patrick Després said that the accounting of the provincial police does not offer an accurate picture.

“The system does not allow us to accurately extract the additional time and the regular time used to get the services of the team riding by all the units of the SQ,” said Mr. Despres, as manager of the equestrian team.

The creation of the new cavalry of the biggest police force in Quebec raises many questions. Our investigation Bureau revealed yesterday that the SQ has bought five horses to his associate director, Mario Bouchard.

One expert on ethics said that the situation raises the appearance of conflict of interest.

Yesterday, the minister deputy of public Safety, Andrée Laforest said that an audit would be open.

450 000 $ of equipment

If the SQ ignores the figures of the remuneration of employees assigned to his cavalry, it has, however, been able to detail the material expenses of the squad.

Over the past three years, these expenses amounted to nearly $ 450,000.

She bought all sorts of equipment such as a trailer, vests polar fleece, caps and polo shirts, in long sleeve and short sleeve.

The SQ figure 270 377 $ $ $ $ the expenses of the equestrian team for the last year including the compensation paid to only four people who were coordinating.

This sum includes part of the salary of the lieutenant manager of the team, a sergeant and chief instructor, a technician, equine, and an administrative technician.


Patrick Després,
Inspector of the SQ “>

Patrick Després,
Inspector of the SQ

Unable to further clarify its spending on wages, SQ can, however, quantify the value of volunteer work in the equestrian team. It is the contribution of its volunteers to 100 943 $ to 2019-2020.

In an interview last spring, Mr. Després was explained that volunteering was at the heart of the activities of the equestrian team. He calculated that a police officer-union was ” about 30 % of her time to the equestrian team, volunteer “.

“The day when all the world says to me : “every minute that I do, I want to be paid”, we put the key in the door. It is impossible that it works. ”

It was estimated that the cost of the equestrian team would then be ” in the millions “.

In comparison, the cavalry of the police Department of the City of Montreal, which has eight horses, had an operating budget of approximately $ 1.5 million in 2018. Its workforce consists of one sergeant, nine constables and three grooms.

The expenses of the squad riding since 2017

  • Purchase of horses and $29,000
  • Purchase of trailer 43 419 $
  • Other expenditure 23 530 $
  • Miniature horses 1600 $
  • Equestrian equipment 85 691 $
  • Maintenance, equipment and fuel 47 905 $
  • Training 9160 $
  • Travel expenses 44 742 $
  • Farrier 9547 $
  • Pension for horses 30 522 $
  • Veterinary 12 044 $

A TOTAL of 437 160 $ (excluding salaries)

24 000 $ clothing

Nearly one-third of the expenditure of equestrian equipment, which amounted to 85 691 $ for the past three years, has been used to dress the 70 volunteers of the cavalry.

A sum of 24 188 $ was able to buy :

  • 53 vests in polar
  • 50 caps
  • 192 polo shirts long and short sleeve
  • 25 pairs of boots three seasons
  • 32 cargo pants
  • 53 coats windproof

Source : Sûreté du Québec

8000 $ for a training trip in France

While he was deputy director general of the Sûreté du Québec, Mario Bouchard has done a training course with the regiment of cavalry of the republican Guard. He was accompanied by two police members of the equestrian team, Stephanie Labre and Emmanuelle Groleau, for this one week stay in November 2018.

Police in quebec have thus been able to participate in the activities and training of the republican Guard in France.

A budget of $ 8,000 was used to purchase plane tickets, for their accommodation and meals in Paris.

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