The St. Peter’s basilica reopens Monday, its doors to tourists

La basilique Saint-Pierre rouvre lundi ses portes aux touristes

VATICAN CITY | Saint Peter’s basilica of Rome, closed to tourists for two months due to the confinement related to the coronavirus, will re-open on Monday its doors to visitors, announced on Friday the Vatican press office.

The famous Saint Peter’s square, which gives access to the basilica, the largest catholic shrine in the world, will be also reopened to the public.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the State of the Vatican, an enclave in the middle of Rome, has decided to apply the same sanitary rules as Italy.

The basilica of Saint Peter, as well as three other papal basilicas dependent on the pope, therefore, should follow a recommendation of the Italian ministry of the Interior limited to 200 people maximum assistance to a religious celebration in a place of worship closed.

On Friday morning, a cleaning crew has invested the huge basilica of 23 000 m2 to be disinfected.

This holy place is also a temple of mass tourism, had been closed to tourists on march 10, the day of the beginning of the containment of the whole Italy, the major focus of spread of the coronavirus, which has claimed more than 31 000 deaths in the peninsula.

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