The staff of CLSC invited to lie on the COVID-19?

Le personnel d’un CLSC invité à mentir sur la COVID-19?

A directive of a manager of the CLSC La Source, in the district of Charlesbourg, in Quebec city, to its staff is a significant concern.

In a voice memo, it asks its team, composed of a score of clerks to recipients who provide care at home, to hide some of the information related to the COVID-19.

If, for example, a patient in the home request the worker if he has been in contact with the COVID-19, the manager invites employees to respond “no”.

“You mention that it is not. This is not a lie, it really is attached with the directorate. And if they ask you specifically if, for example, you went to the Manoir de Courville or whatever, you tell them that you are not able to respond to that, it is confidential,” can you hear in the message.

The reactions are vivid, especially with the Union workers, and workers in the CIUSSS of the Capitale-Nationale (CSN).

“I am the calvary, it’s not complicated, I am very shocked of it ! Our people are on the pitch, they do their best, they face danger every day and in addition, they are asked to tell “white lies”. We put a pressure of more, it doesn’t look great”, responds the president, Richard Boissinot.

He’s had enough of seeing colleagues travel to several institutions, which increases the risk of the spread of the coronavirus.

“We told people not to say that they have been in contact with the COVID-19, as in the Manor house of Courville, where it is known that there is a nasty problem there. Does it mean that there is still today the CIUSSS of the National Capital of the people who are going in circles infected and then after, they will be forced to go in circles saints?”


At the Centre of integrated health and social services (CISSS) in the National Capital, we are talking about a clumsiness. The message has since been removed.

The organization nuance but the words. According to it, it is true to say that the employees are well equipped and are not in contact with the COVID-19. However, for this which is to hide the fact of having attended or not a residence where there was an outbreak of the coronavirus, it is argued that it is important to mention.

“We operate in a transparent and honest with our private developers and even the whole of our institutions CIUSSS of the National Capital. You can say, but what you should add after that, it is that we have all the equipment to protect us and ensure that we protect our elders, no matter in the establishment where they are,” says Melanie Gingras, deputy director of the support to the autonomy of the elderly in the CIUSSS of the National Capital.

The reference has since been removed at the CLSC La Source.

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