The star attraction of Normandy and Avakov in the form of Pinkerton

Звезда нормандского аттракциона и Аваков в образе Пинкертона

“Everything was in confusion in the house…” Zelensky! So you can describe what is happening recently with Ukraine and Ukrainians.

On the one hand, the “patriots” bursting with delight that Russia has forbidden to participate in sports that a fire occurred on the ill-fated cruiser that they managed to uncover another vatnitsa in the face of the owner of the title “Miss Lviv 2018”, which secretly from galloping the nation celebrated the birthday in Moscow.

Звезда нормандского аттракциона и Аваков в образе Пинкертона

In Ukraine, a scandal broke out over Moscow ties Lviv beauties

On the other – it would seem that Kiev agreed with the IMF for a loan, and “Naftogaz of Ukraine” has reduced the price to the public of gas, but enjoy it restrained, so I now realize that the decline will come higher prices, and credit is debt, which to pay would not be the President’s office.

Third – constantly soaring national radomer again overheated.

First, a nation disgraced a maiden that went to the USA and there, fulfilling the covenants of the father of Taras Shevchenko “Oh Koch Chernobrov that is not h Muscovites” publicly put up for sale their virginity. Well if the money she wanted to transfer the APU, but no – he just wanted a beautiful life. Shame!

Secondly, in Poland Ukrainian workers not only beaten, but also cut. December 8, the bodies of two Ukrainian citizens with multiple stab wounds found in the freezer at the farm city Sadkowice, 14th in Lodz killed another. Bezviz in action.

Now to the most striking events that brought the Ukrainians a lot of worries, excitement, enjoyment or frustration, depending on their political, religious views, moral and mental condition.

First is the Paris summit and the first meeting between the two Vladimirov, one of Emmanuel and one of the Angels. About the meeting, its chips, decisions and evaluations are written and shown a lot – and in Ukraine, and abroad.

See, for the first time in the history of their performances appeared in this format, tried to look properly, but it is a cliche to overcome could not. Hence the obsessive Paphos – from much-needed interpreter who translated for Putin in French, and then to MOV (so Zelensky won the time “to think”), to the vain platitudes, read from notes, like: “I Want to say with confidence that I represented Ukraine, but I was not alone, because all Ukrainians were with Me, and I felt their support! For my part, I feel the desire for justice and for peace in My country!”

Звезда нормандского аттракциона и Аваков в образе Пинкертона

Vladimir Zelensky and his speech in Paris

And it is true that some Ukrainians “were with him”, realizing at the entrance of the presidential office in Kiev, when Zelensky cross nation outlined by the red line in order to accuse him zrade and send to Rostov-on-don. No wonder ze as President of a free country said the “Normans”: “If I’m going to agree on this Minsk agreement, then the next time you speak with a different President!”…

As expected, the estimated characteristics of the summit was divided into two parts. The first low-key about the victory of Putin, insisted on the inviolability of the Minsk agreement, which Kiev has publicly acknowledged on the publication of the joint communiqué, though first and a little fake. Other on the victory Zelensky, allegedly broke the plans of the Russian President.

Звезда нормандского аттракциона и Аваков в образе Пинкертона

Meeting in Normandy format in Paris

One thing is clear – all were of the same:

Zelensky was not allowed antisilence of independence, sat at the same table with global leaders and successfully promoted the shoes of Vladimir Solovyov;

– Ukrainian national-radicals dispersed in the belief that they are his inflexibility made se does not “go under Putin”;

– Avakov naprobovatsya good wine and tried to Boo the alleged “nerve” of Surkov and Lavrov, in order to remind myself in the background Zelensky Ukrainians;

– Makron has fulfilled the role of a hospitable host of the long-awaited summit;

– Merkel talked with Putin after a diplomatic embarrassment and ensured the completion of Nord Stream 2;

– Putin has made the continuation of withdrawal of troops and exchange of prisoners and did not allow revision of the Minsk agreements.

Also Donbass was left to his Ukrainian attacks.

Among the practical outcomes of the Norman meeting can be called extended for a year by the Verkhovna Rada law on the special status of Donbass; “the first full-fledged interview,” Zelensky Russian TV channel that he himself was frightened; and based on Bank skating rink, limiting the number of possible protesters and hints on the agreement on the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine in 2020.

On the “road map” of the Minsk agreement the following steps should the Amnesty law and the introduction of a special status in the Constitution, but to expect it is naive. While Zelensky war suits, boiler-no.

Already “for eyes” the Ukrainian President began the song on the revision of the agreements. After Paris signed an updated version of the roadmap of NATO-Ukraine defence-technical cooperation, and the meeting of the Prime Ministers of GUAM was half-dead sound of speech that differs from the recent oil Zelensky. And that the position of the part of the military leadership of Colonel Nozdracheva for possible reintegration APU with militias, but not with nabatame, was suspended, and began an internal investigation.

It is unlikely that Kiev will listen to the conclusions and assessments of the Venice Commission of the impact of the implementation of the law “On ensuring the functioning of Ukrainian as the state language”, creating the conditions for discrimination of national minorities.

Except that Max Buzhansky introduced a bill in Parliament to repeal the law on the state language, justifying it by the fact that the law deals fashion and other damage to the state.

Звезда нормандского аттракциона и Аваков в образе Пинкертона

Max Buzhansky trying to persuade Parliament to repeal the controversial language law

The second most important event of the week was “disclosure” Avakov case of the murdered Sheremet, turning to companies with the shock, and for wkra jerks Natsik – an unpleasant surprise in the spirit “and we have something for sho?”.

Звезда нормандского аттракциона и Аваков в образе Пинкертона

Machine Sheremet was blown up

Given the fact that the Ukrainian Nazis drew attention in the United States (letter to senators about the “Azov”) and Europe (the case Markiv, the initiative of prohibition of entry in the EU of Egen Carp from C14), the Ukrainian authorities had to begin to respond to lawlessness.

And square eyes svidomo girls who do not believe in that “heroic lion” can kill someone but the civilians in the Donbass, you can quickly fix in a form reminding them that Katya Gandzyuk killed ATO veterans, the bridge in Kiev, seized the shell-shocked soldier, Odessa show-cooks at the eyes of passers-by stabbed “war hero”, and a three year old boy was shot by a sniper battalion Gergert.

With regard to the sacredness of the murders present and past, we can recall the first victims of the Maidan, “of strangers” (Belarusian and Armenian) and the abominations “of the murder and resurrection” Babchenko. By the way, the accused in the murder of Arcady in the week has already turned up in Israel.

Of course, Natsik panic Avakov – not Zelensky, starting the epic revelations, the Minister is ready to answer, as in the story, Sasha Bilym. But the public time to get used to information shocks from knowing whom she brought to power in 2014. Maybe not in vain Avakov at a press conference hinted at his involvement in the murder of the SBU and then the first of persons having a regular criminal cases, including the fateful signing of the Minsk agreements.

Poroshenko is trying to look cheerful and even trolls from the rostrum of Parliament Zelensky, saying, “I’m 54 years old and I’m not …” but the clock is ticking, and in Rostov the road is closed.

And even the approaching New year revived, as expected, the main Santa Claus of Ukraine in the face of a non-canceled Patriarch of Kyiv Patriarchate Filaret.

Звезда нормандского аттракциона и Аваков в образе Пинкертона

The Ukrainian “Santa” – Filaret – made ptsu-STSU another “gift”

While tamed them, and then betrayed his cunning of Epifania complained that with the departure of Poroshenko stopped the transition of religious communities in its socio-political sect ptsu-STSU, Filaret announced holding of 20 December forum in support of the Kiev Patriarchate and the seizure of Thomas in favor of Filaret. So the future of the two “churches” is clearly promising, as he sang Freddie mercury: “the Show must go on”. And not only dissenters, but also of the whole Ukraine with the clown in charge.

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