The star of “the Avengers” threatened to kill his wife

Звезда «Мстителей» угрожал убить жену

So, according to the website TMZ, the ex-wife of the actor, who is suing him for custody of six-year-old daughter Ava, said that in November last year, Renner has used alcohol and cocaine at the club, and then began to speak about the murder of his wife: “I can’t deal with her, I want her gone.”

In the court documents also States that once an actor put a gun in his mouth, and then suddenly shot up to the ceiling. At this time his daughter slept in the next room.

Pacheco pointed out in the documents that Renner abuses drugs and often resorted to emotional abuse and verbal abuse.

Himself Jeremy denies all charges, saying that the former wife seeks to damage his acting career and reputation.