The star of the show “Smallville” Kristin Kreuk denies the allegations in the recruitment of women into sex slaves

Kristin Kreuk

The news that the stars of the TV series “Smallville” (Smallville) Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack allegedly were not just members of the organization NXIVM, which has forced women into sexual slavery, but were actively involved in their recruitment, for many became surprise. The reaction of the Actresses do not have to wait long. The first publicly responded to these charges 35-year-old Kreuk.

In his Twitter she wrote a message in which he told about the activities of the organization and their participation in it.

When I was 23, I went to the “Nexium” and began to study the program for management success. This course helped me to deal with shyness and contributed to my personal growth, so I continued learning. I left the organization about five years ago and very little contact with those who were there.

The allegations that I allegedly participated in the recruitment of women into sex slaves, be a blatant lie. I’ve never been involved in unlawful or nefarious activities. I want to thank all the women who shared their stories and helped expose the organization. I was very upset and confused about what was connected with the “Nexium”. I hope that as a result of the investigation, justice will prevail

— wrote a celebrity.

Colleague Kreuk Allison Mack on those charges has not yet responded. But the main point of the company’s founder Keith Renira. They say she even offered to brand all women in the organization and to burn on their skin the initials of her and Renira. The latter, incidentally, does not admit his guilt.

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