The state Department has unblocked aid to Ukraine bypassing trump

Госдеп разблокировал помощь Украине в обход Трампа

The U.S. Department of state

Trump ordered to resume the disbursement of September 11. According to media reports, the state Department did it before.

The US state Department in September had decided to resume the allocation of financial assistance to Ukraine before the corresponding order gave the President, Donald trump, Bloomberg reports.
According to sources of the Agency, employees of the US state Department did so because it held the proceedings with the assistance of lawyers and came to the conclusion that the office of management and budget the White house, and the trump does not have the authority to freeze the allocation of these funds in the amount of approximately $ 140 million on the line of the state Department.
We will remind, in September in the United States a scandal broke out around the telephone conversation trump with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in July. The conversation between the two leaders was the occasion for the announcement by the House of representatives on the impeachment of trump.
According to the Democrats, trump during the conversation tried to convince Zelensky to start an investigation activity in Ukraine son of former Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden hunter Biden in exchange for the provision of financial and military assistance to Kiev.

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