The state of new York has filed a lawsuit against trump and his children

Штат Нью-Йорк подал в суд на Трампа и его детей

The attorney General of new York sued the Foundation of trump, and the Donald trump and his children, accusing them of “vast and large” offense.

Barbara underwood announced that a charitable Foundation was engaged in “illegal political coordination” to influence the election in 2016.

The lawsuit is aimed at the liquidation of the Fund and restitution in the amount of 2.8 million USD.

The Foundation denies the charges, calling them politically motivated.

The President commented on the lawsuit on Twitter, saying: “a Sleazy new York Democrats are doing everything possible to take me to court.” He vowed that he will be able to defend myself in this matter.

The attorney General also seeks to prohibit the President and his three grown children Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric to be in the Board of any charitable organization in new York.

According to the Prosecutor, she referred the case to the internal revenue Service and Federal election Commission.

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