The stock vogella in Ukraine on run 86% from minulina – Gerus

Запаси вугілля в Україні на рівні 86% від минулорічних - Герус

Warehouses necoechea 1.4 million tonnes vogella scho becoming 86% from minulina zapasu pitched in Qiu W date.About TSE from Facebook writing head parlamentskogo cometo z energy that zhkp Andriy Gerus.

“Store vogella warehouses for week trosly 8% to 1.4 million tonnes. TSE 86% from minulina zapasu to Qiu W date. Have CNC August Buli lachey 50% from analogno dati view from the past to the rock,” writing Gerus.

Yak povidomlyav UKRINFORM, naprint veresnya Gerus sawlaw scho stock vogella in Ukraine to stanovlenii 1.2 million tons, or 62% from minulina Runa. For Yogo words, to CNCA rock necessary dodatkovo nakapikit has over 1 million tons.

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