The story of rescue dog that is so cute thank for their salvation

This story happened in Chile.

Історія порятунку собаки, яка так мило віддячила за своє спасіння

Once a police officer named Giovanni Domke got a call from residents of one of the houses. Anxious people said that the neighborhood, the yard is a dog. She somehow got tangled in the piece of cloth that was hanging from the roof. The animal fought hard, to get out, but nothing worked.., informs Rus.Media.

Hearing the dog’s “crying”, the neighbors decided to call the police. The request for help has responded to Giovanni, who came to said home. People saw with their own eyes what happened with the dog, and ran to the neighbors to borrow their knife.

Easy peremahnuv over the fence, a guy approached pet that ran away, knocking out power. The poor man was so frightened that at first did not understand that the police came to help her. See in his hands the knife, the dog panics and begins to bite his hand. Along the way it turn out from “traps”, which were trying to eat the fabric.

Fortunately, the man was not overawed. Despite the attack of a frightened dog, he began to cut a piece of material, which confused the animal. Was not easy, because the fabric was thick enough, but Giovanni is not confused.

At some point the dog fell to the ground, biting and trying to escape again. Finally, the fabric gave in and exploded!

For a moment, the dog didn’t understand what happened! The next minute she sat on his hind legs, and the guy recoiled: he thought that the rescued animal was going to attack him!

But no! The dog suddenly grabbed his front paws and… hugged! She’s wagging her tail, snuggled up to my Savior and danced on the spot, fervently expressing gratitude!

Our hero leaned over and grabbed her hands, and the dog began licking his face. It was very touching!