The story of this friendship between two red cat

Cat begging in store the meat to feed my sick friend.

Історія про справжню дружбу двох рудих котів

In one of the meat shops on the outskirts of the capital went to the red cat. He silently sat in front of a showcase with the meat and just watched. It is first kicked. But after some time ivory came back and sat quietly, informs Rus.Media.

Heart won’t stand it, and she gave the beggar scraps. He carefully took the meat and went off somewhere. Obviously, to eat, decided shop. It happened the next day, through the day. The saleswoman was already wondering where and by whom the cat is food?

One day, the cat came right at shift change, and the woman was able to follow the animals to see where she’ll take the meat. It turned out that this red cat feeds… another red cat that is under a concrete slab with a broken front paw.

The woman was very compassionate – a wounded cat she brought to the clinic, and then came back and took the store a beggar home.

Історія про справжню дружбу двох рудих котів

The foot healed and the woman took home a second cat – she could not part friends. The doctor said that, in his opinion, cats do not associate family ties! They were just trying to survive together on the streets.

The woman lives in a private house in the village, and kotofey now very well – on the one hand, the freedom – walk don’t want, but have a home, a loving mistress.

Історія про справжню дружбу двох рудих котів