The strange (and annoying) virtual tour of Mark Zuckerberg in Puerto Rico

The avatar of Mark Zuckerberg in the streets of Puerto Rico — Screenshot of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

This is what is called a ” false good idea “. On Monday,Mark Zuckerberg and Rachel Franklin, head of virtual reality at Facebook, conducted a virtual field trip broadcasted live on the social network, in order to promote ” Spaces “, a dating service, virtual reality. The two acolytes were able to get on the roof of the headquarters of
Facebook, but also in the eerie streets of Puerto Rico…

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“I’m sorry if I hurt people”

Thanks to Facebook Spaces, Mark Zuckerberg and Rachel Franklin showed that it was now easy to discover the planet without moving from your home, thanks to an avatar. But if the duo hoped probably a nice spotlight on this service, they have picked up a bad buzz. In a sequence of video streamed live on the network, and we discover the heart of Puerto Rico, which was devastated by hurricane Maria. “The streets are really flooded,” said Mark Zuckerberg, “we think we’re really on the spot,” says Rachel Franklin, as survivors of the disaster go on in the background.

A sequence is deemed ” annoying “, “bad taste” or “voyeurism” by many internet users, as reported by RTL. On Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg has apologized in response to a comment in the video.

“One of the strengths of virtual reality is its ability to generate empathy. My goal was to show how virtual reality can speed up the awareness and help us see what is happening in different places of the world. I also wanted to announce our partnership with the Red Cross. In reading the reactions, I understand that this was not clear, and I am sorry if I have hurt people, ” he wrote.

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