the strikers block three dump trucks requisitioned by the Metropolis

    the strikers block three dump trucks requisitioned by the Metropolis

    The striker garbage collectors of the Derichebourg company blocked three dump trucks requisitioned by the Metropolis while they were collecting in the 2nd arrondissement of Marseille.

    The garbage collectors in Marseille intend to continue their strike movement started on December 17. This Friday afternoon, the employees of Polyceo, a subsidiary of Derichebourg, carried out a snail operation in the 2e arrondissement of Marseille. They demanded the end of the garbage collection carried out by three dump trucks from a private company requisitioned by the Metropolis so as not to “break their right to strike”, explains Lionel Martini, FO trade unionist.

    The employees of this private company commissioned by the Metropolis finally interrupted their tour.

    The strike has been going on since December 17 in three districts of Marseille.

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    A conflict between employees and management

    After ten days of strike action and piles of rubbish in the city, the movement continues. The garbage collectors of Derichebourg, the company responsible for collecting garbage for the Metropolis in the 2e, 15e and 16e arrondissements of Marseille, are in conflict with their management.

    They demand the departure of one of their directors and a deputy director. They accuse them in particular of harassment and disproportionate sanctions.

    On Wednesday 23 December, the Metropolis requested the requisition of the company Derichebourg. She decided to seize the police force and arrested the prefect of Bouches-du-Rhône. “We had expert appraisals carried out so that they could prove to the prefect that the streets of Marseille are recognized as unhealthy”, said the president of the Marseille-Provence territory council Roland Giberti.

    A residence takes matters into its own hands

    Facing the mountains of filth, in the 15e district of Marseille, the residence “Les terrasses de la Méditerranée” called on a private company to transport a dumpster. Thirty cubic meters of waste were thus cleared by a few residents of the residence, by hand.

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