The student was found dead in integration week-end was 3.7 grams of alcohol in the blood

Illustration of a car police, here in Rennes. — C. Allain / 20 Minutes

The student of rennes found dead during an integration week-end at Pénestinin the Morbihan, would have consumed a lot of alcohol in the day,
according to Ouest-France. According to the daily breton, the young man had a blood alcohol concentration of 3.7 grams per litre of blood by the time the firefighters attempted to rescue him. Contacted, the public prosecutor of Vannes remained unreachable.

“Nothing suspect”

Student in college of dental at the university of Rennes 1, the young man was participating in an integration week-end organised by a student association. His lifeless body was found around 9 am on Sunday 1st October by classmates. The autopsy performed did ” not reveal anything suspicious “, confided a source close to the investigation to 20 Minutes.

His classmates and the staff of the university had paid tribute to the young man during a minute of silence.

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