The Studio of Morin-Heights has increased,

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    Friday, 11 August, 2017 21:27

    Friday, 11 August, 2017 21:27

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    Morin-Heights | part of the mythical Studio of Morin-Heights, where several international stars have recorded albums, was destroyed by fire Friday morning. The building, abandoned for a long time, was frequently visited by fans of music and of the squatters.

    “Is it that the fire was set intentionally or by accident, it will be difficult to determine, but there are strong chances that it is the squatters who have turned on “, said Charles Bernard, chief of the fire Department Morin-Heights.

    The studio has already been used by artists such as Bryan Adams, Rush and Sting among others.

    A firewall helped limit the advance of the flames. Thus, only half of the building was destroyed by fire and eventually shot and killed by a mechanical shovel.

    The founder of the studio, André Perry, has declared to TVA News that he believed that a part of the studio will be able to be recovered.

    The fire chief expects that the cause of the fire is difficult to determine.

    “The part that burned was full of waste piled up, leftover lunch of squatters. The people had ripped out the walls, the wires, and all the materials were piled up in this part of the building. “

    “The question now is,” when is that other part will burn, is concerned about the fire chief. This is an issue for our municipality. This place is abandoned. We know that there are squatters and we must constantly intervene. It is a matter of concern and it is dangerous for our firefighters to work in a place like this. “

    Investigators from the Sûreté du Québec will proceed with the investigation.

    The derelict building is now owned by a numbered company.

    A neighborhood disturbing

    The Studio is located in a path down the forest of Morin Heights. Marie Demers and Michael Burli, who manage a lodge, are the only immediate neighbours.

    “If there are people out there, it is sure that we hear them, and yesterday evening when we went to bed around midnight there was no noise. “

    According to the couple, the Studio is visited regularly, as much by teenagers who come to the festival as music fans.

    “This place is like a temple for fans of Rush, among others. There are some who came to record their video in front of the building. There are a lot of musicians, people who have worked there, that come. Those do not destroy anything, ” says Burli.

    But since two or three years, the vandalism began, tells the story of Marie Demers. “All the windows have been fracassées. We sometimes hear disturbing noises. Anyone can enter now. It is open. “


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