The subsistence minimum

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Milk & Bone will present his new album at the Corona on 5 April.

The calendar is long as my arm when my arm is extended by a rake-scraper snow. The end of January to the beginning of may, it is covered, nearly every evening, a show, or two, or three, or a lined during the eleven days of the festival Montréal en lumière. It stuns. Nothing that the big names lined up at the Bell Centre knock out : a Santana here, a Justin Timberlake , a Rod Stewart, Demi Lovato, P!nk. It you dégrève budget outputs before passing the metal detector. My recommendation : choose the mégavedette we really want, and to keep enough hazelnuts to provide the ten proposed below. What to have a bite, discover, renew : a subsistence minimum, and vitamins.


Dany Placard at the Cabaret of the last chance. It is in this mythical place, Rouyn-Noranda, it would be necessary to confront Full Face, the spectacle of the new album which, as the name indicates, is received in full pear, electric and rough. But hey, if the roads are not passable, the bearded chief will also be in Montreal on the 1st of February in the framework of the Tavern Tour 2018.

Photo: Grant Pollard Associated Press
The sisters, sweden’s First Aid Kit will be at the MTelus on 6 February.

First Aid Kit at MTelus. We have known and loved the sisters Swedish Klara and Johanna Söderberg, are in love with the country-folk, the second album (The Lion’s Roar, in 2011), who eulogized their love of Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons. Here they are on tour to Ruins, a fourth disk as sad. Children of social networks, they have continued to make friends, enough to fill a MTelus on the 6th of February, five years after The Sala Rossa.


Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds at the salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, PdA. The appellation says it all : High Flying Bird, that is first and foremost a song of the Jefferson Airplane, and Noel Gallagher, it is the brother of the other, ex-Oasis. The tour of the new album Who Built the Moon stops on 18 February at the same Wilfrid that the last time (FIJM), and if it’s too soaring, you will end up on the ceiling like helium balloons.


Marlon Williams at Petit Campus. This is an extraordinary opportunity. In his New Zealand, the country singer-folk-blues-with the voice of the angel is a living legend, which is not nothing to the age that he is (27 years old). Imagine a crooner folk, yes, it could be, ask Tami Neilson, who sings Lonely with him. His records are outstanding, and to think that the sample in the proximity of the Café Campus on 5 march, it is wag of anticipated pleasure.


Émile Proulx-Cloutier at the Théâtre Outremont. There is an undeniable added value to the performances of this man with the superior mind and more sensitive : he speaks in between songs, weaving a narrative thread that comes from the theatre and the cinema. And the spectacle of high Tide, album at the height of a man, is the promise of the great moments of solidarity. Montreal premiere on April 4.


Milk & Bone at the Corona. Oh what it is to be expected, the second album of Laurence Lafond-Beaulne and Camille Poliquin : it’s difficult to be bewitched more than the first, with its celestial harmonies and keyboards floating. Oh it is similarly expected, the spectacle of this album., April 5. Where will lead us ? We will go where they will go.


Dumas, at the Cinquième Salle of Place des Arts. To say that the album promises is little to say. Suspecting that the performance result will be stunning is not too much to infer. I imagine by the groove slow with the new song east of Eden on stage 3, 4 and 5 may, and I see a body wrinkle.


Lindi Ortega at The Escogriffe. What described up to now, this singer-in-ontario country-folk-rockabilly, this is the pain. However, she has found love and happiness since her last album, and one wonders to what looks like a Lindi happy : we will see it close on 4 may.


Petula Clark at Theatre Maisonneuve, PdA. Strong new songs written especially by Louis-Jean Cormier, rich of success so that it can make the fun last as much as she wants, this is a great tour in quebec which will bring back the very small and very large Petula with us. Montreal premiere on may 10.


The Cowboy Junkies at the Corona. The appointment unhoped-for of the season, with the only group that sings and plays slower than his shadow. New album, new tour, reunion montreal scheduled for may 26. It will depend on the state of the wrist broken for Michael Timmins. Report in the autumn as possible. It keeps abreast.

If it is necessary to choose just one

David Myles, it is the meteorite of the programming of Montréal en lumière : a meeting of unclassifiable type with a kind of crooner in the form of Buddy Holly, a soulman from the Maritimes who comes from the planet pop, but also of the nebula rock ‘ n ‘ roots, a large efflanqué with a timbre that vibrates extremely serious, a hybrid of the 1950s and today. Creation of lab alien ? Go figure. Our chance is that the ufo explodes on stage. It is likely to burn the stage of the Gesù on the 24th of February. One sees it ? One sees there.

Montreal light, solar system

Inside, outside, all genres confounded, and confounding, the winter festival continues to add planets in its solar system. Montréal en lumière, from 22 February to 4 march, it’s just as well the show at the paradise of the harmonies of Karen Young and her daughter Coral Egan that the rock wear-free WD-40. It is for those who want their song of the song (the return of Isabelle Boulay, Marie Denise Pelletier singing Léveillée, the alliance Martine St-Clair–Luce Dufault–Marie Michèle Desrosiers Marie-Élaine Thibert), and it is for those who want to stretch their legs in rhythm (Random Recipe, The Bronze). The vast, vast constellation. We’ll see about that, long and very wide.

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