“The substitute”: the algebra with Francois Bellefeuille!

«Les suppléants»: de l’algèbre avec François Bellefeuille!

MONTREAL – François Bellefeuille agreed to play mathematics teachers for the needs of the program “The substitute”, at Télé-Québec. “Physics and mathematics have allowed me to have a good Z-score, in time, to enter in veterinary medicine”, laughs the comedian, who is noted, however, that the school, “it’s not like the bike”.

“When it’s been a long time that it was made of mathematics, it is a little more difficult to get back into it,” adds Bellefeuille tone teasing. I relearned things I already knew, but the math, this is not something that is not lost with time!”

According to the artist, however, have been well supported by the teachers who frame the project “Tele-Quebec in the classroom”, an initiative of the ministry of Education so that the children could continue to learn while schools are closed because of the pandemic, in waves on a daily basis since last week.

In “The substitute”, which Pier-Luc Funk and Catherine Brunet, to ensure the animation, at 15: 30, people loved young people dubiously claim to be teachers in various subjects of secondary school, in capsules of about four minutes.

Toilet paper

François Bellefeuille has, for the moment, shot four videos for The “alternates”. In the first, which aired Wednesday, has been seen to practice mental calculation by writing to the chalk colored on a wood fence in his yard.

It has also borrowed the stuffed toys of his children of 2 years and a half and 4 and a half years old, played with Lego blocks (renamed “Golé”, because it was forbidden to pronounce the name of the famous brand), and… counted the squares of toilet paper to explain certain concepts, such as division of fractions, the calculation of the median and the average and the understanding of algebra.

“I had the concern that it be clear, interesting and understandable, note Bellefeuille. We didn’t need to listen to the capsules six times to fully understand. It took me to dig up the coco to fully explain. It was less easy than I thought! (laughter) It was also a good challenge to focus it in four minutes.”

The comic, who had interrupted his tour “The world’s strongest” when came the proposal of Télé-Québec, rumored to have spontaneously agreed to become a teacher temporarily.

“I loved the proposal of the government, which is to make the content entertaining and informative. I used my imagination,” says he, stating to have done everything himself, alone, on the technical plan, during his shoots in “houses”, filmed with his cellphone.

He has also had to write his texts and a sprinkle of “wacky ideas” the “lesson plans” drawn up by the professors-advisers of “Télé-Québec in a class”.

“It is necessary that you think of your lighting, for example. I also have children at a young age; I was doing it for their naps and, sometimes, they woke up before I finished…”

  • To learn more about “Télé-Québec in the classroom” and view the different capsules, we visit the squat.telequebec.tv.
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