The success of the 33rd edition of the Telethon does not disappoint

Le succès de la 33e édition du Téléthon ne se dément pas

The success of the Téléthon Opération enfant Soleil does not stop on Sunday at 22h as nearly$ 200,000 in additional donations have been raised since in the space of 24 hours.

Thanks to the great generosity of Quebecers, the donations raised now exceed the$17 Million.

Already the results were expected in this period of a pandemic, the president and chief executive officer Julie Lemieux was jumping up and down to see that the donations poured in.

“There are always gifts that come after the Telethon, but never on this scale-there. Normally, we receive about$ 50,000 in donations over the course of the days following the Telethon. This year, in 24 hours, we received$ 200,000 additional. It is a never-before-seen. We have received additional donations to our partner for approximately$ 100,000, not counting the donations online and by phone,” said Ms. Lemieux.

“I think people have appreciated that we can take into the Telethon, in the circumstances. They have enjoyed the formula. We have had a lot of comments. The message was well spent. In spite of the COVID, the children still need us,” she said.

The formula is adapted and pre-recorded, in large part, which was presented in alternation at the VAT and on Facebook, has appealed to donors, according to the CEO.

“There has been a generosity great and incredible solidarity,” said Ms. Lemieux.

The last count carried out in the late afternoon of Tuesday, reported donations totalling 17 066 729$. Other good news, the number of new monthly donors amounted to 1805 compared to 1600 enrolments recorded last year.

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