The successor of Alain Bellemare will win less

Le successeur d’Alain Bellemare gagnera moins

The new CEO of Bombardier, Eric Martel, will win less than half of what its predecessor. The company anticipates that its compensation frisera the$ 6.7 Million in 2020. In 2017 and 2018, Alain Bellemare had been entitled to$13.8 Million.

To arrive at this decline of 52 %, Bombardier said to have held account of his ” trajectory strategic “, that is to say its focus on business aviation, and his ” current situation “, characterized by significant outflows of liquidity and the possible use of a new assistance from the government.

Note that with the planned sale of its rail division to Alstom, Bombardier, will see its revenues go from $ 22 billion to about $11 billion.

Eight times more than in Hydro

Mr. Martel, who won a little over 832 000 $ as the grand patron of Hydro-Québec, will be all the same, his compensation to be multiplied by eight if it is achieving its performance objectives at Bombardier.

At Bombardier, Eric Martel is at the head of 60 to 600 employees. This figure will rise to approximately 25 000 people if the sale of Bombardier Transportation is concluded. At Hydro, he led nearly 20, 000 employees.

Before taking the reins of the State society, Mr. Martel had worked for Bombardier from 2002 to 2015. In its last full year, in 2014, his pay had reached nearly$ 2.5 Million. It was during president of Bombardier business Aircraft.

Note that in his first months as CEO of Bombardier, Eric Martel has waived his salary in the context of layoffs made as a result of the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

As the chair of the board, Pierre Beaudoin, he deprive himself of any compensation by the end of the year. In 2019, he touched a little more than a million $.

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