The suggestions of Chrystine Brouillet

Les suggestions de Chrystine Brouillet

In this period of quarantine, it was said that many people would surely go back to his reading. And for their great reading suggestions, the novelist Chrystine Brouillet is particularly well placed.

What crime novels would you say to all those who don’t know what to read at this time ?

I love detective novels, and as I’ve read a lot in my life, it was a little difficult to choose. But I would go with :

  • Only the silence of R. J. Ellory. For me, this is one of the great books of the history of the detective novel. It had thrown me to the ground when I had read it. Everything that this author does is good, but if it’s not necessary to read that one title to him, it is this one.
  • Victim 2117 of Jussi Adler-Olsen. This is the part of the most recent of the series, and we can’t start without the finish. I was happy to find the characters of Rose and Carl Mørck, but more importantly, to be able to finally discover what had happened to Assad.
  • Free as the air of Sara Lövestam. It’s happening in Stockholm, a city where Kouplan hope to soon be able to obtain his status as an asylum seeker. In the meantime, he must manage to survive and escape the police, which makes us understand the reality of undocumented migrants. Kouplan is one of the characters the most beautiful I’ve seen in recent years in the novels.
  • Lazarus of Lars Kepler. I quote it because it is the most recent, but all the books by this duo of authors are fabulous. It attaches easily to the character of Joona Lina, and the plots are always searched. Those who love the chills are going to love !
  • Syears land of Marie-Ève Sévigny. The survey is being conducted on the island of Orleans, where there has been a murder. I liked it because the characters are rich, the style is very enjoyable to read and that there is a social conscience.
  • The trilogy Red Light by Marie-Eve Bourassa. It happens in the 1920s and 1930s in Montreal that we do not know, because at the time, there were 300 brothels ! The research that has been done for this book is great and it escapes completely. I loved this trilogy.

And on the side of the novels short, what do you suggest ?

  • Dress the heart of Michèle Plomer. It is a novel which tells of his mother, Monica, a very determined woman who goes from working in the Great North. It is full of humour and emotions, and reading this book has done me good.
  • The swans of the Fifth Avenue of Melanie Benjamin. With this novel, we discover the New York of the rich, as well as the report of strange that there has been between Truman Capote and socialite Babe Paley. It shows something heart-rending, because both have been deeply alone.
  • Towns paper of Dominique Fortier. It is a text around the poetess Emily Dickinson, and if I had to give one word to define it, I would say the grace. In short, it is a gem.
  • I always read with great delight the novels of Pierre Lemaitre, and a Mirror of our sorrow I was not disappointed. This is the beginning of the Second War, and in France, there has been an incredible chaos. The way in which he tells, this shit is fantastic.

We should not forget the children… You have two or three safe values ?

  • Plutonium for Camille Bouchard. Everything he does is good based, so you can buy with your eyes closed no matter which of her books !
  • The stars of Jacques Goldstyn. It is a wonder. Two children of different confessions find themselves in a court of Mile-End and discover that they like both the stars. Unfortunately, their parents do not see their relationship with a good eye. This is one of the best children’s books that I have read.
  • All titles in the collection did you Know ? Editions Michel Quintin. You can take any one of them and one is not mistaken.

And out of curiosity, what was your most recent stroke of heart ?

Zec la croche Maureen Martineau. It tells the story of two women who want to get revenge, and I had a great time reading it.

Is there a last book that you would like to speak ?

The biography of Anne Hébert, Live to write to Marie-Andrée Lamontagne. We know very little about Anne Hébert, and this bio, which has claimed 10 years of research and 5 years of writing, is very thorough. It is a bit long to read, but it was time !

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