The suite of The Strangers reveals a first image, her new title and its release date






After nearly 10 years of doubt, the sequel to The Strangers has finally turned. Even as it begins to unfold to our eyes titillated.

Let’s say things as they come, if The Strangers has earned a fine reputation since its release it is because 10 years ago, films like that, there was too much accustomed to see. A big camera with killers masked, a budget dinky guarantor of a story without concessions, the two actors of the second zone in roles that broke their image ( Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman), in short everything to make a little success of esteem in the absence of a large cardboard commercial.



But the movie has earned a good reputation over the years, to such an extent that it has quickly been question of a suite. After a thousand and one twists and turns, Bryan Bertino is finally able to turn the new film does not deprive him of we tell about the adventures in the media. Thus, The Strangers 2 is in the process of being completed and this time, it will be of interest to a whole new family, leaving only the mysterious attackers as the common thread between the two works.



Directed by Johannes Roberts, with Bertino to script-writing and production, this new Strangers from elsewhere to reveal several important details, such as its title, its release date, a first image and synopsis official, which is a lot in one blow. Thus, the movie is called The Strangers : Prey at night, will heroine Christina Hendricks and will be released on screens in u.s. on march 9, 2018. As for the story, here it is :

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“The journey of a family taking a turn very dangerous when they arrive in a trailer park isolated. Hidden in the night, three psychopaths masked their visit to test the limits of the family and their survival instincts.”

It will therefore have to expect a thing much sticky and as tense as you like, with the drama and the barbaque and, hopefully, an atmosphere to cut with a knife, without bad game of words. In any case, the first image announces the color.