The surrender of the Normandy format? Zelensky was in evening dress, sewn for Poroshenko

Капитуляция Нормандского формата? Зеленский был во фраке, сшитом для Порошенко

© RIA Novosti, Alexei Nikolsky Let’s say bluntly: the meeting had zero results from the point of view of Ukraine’s transition from symbolic steps for the breeding of forces and means in the local points to a political settlement. Vladimir Zelensky brought to Paris all the “red lines”, which the nationalist opposition has outlined for him the space of possible,and laid them on the table.The law on the special status with the fixation of its provisions in the Constitution will not be local elections in the Donbass can take place only in the Ukrainian legal field and not before the Russian-Ukrainian border will come under the control of Kiev.

That is, the head of the Ukrainian state in the eyes of the international community refused to comply with straightforward, directly, in the words of Vladimir Putin, written in the Minsk agreement paragraphs. There is absolutely nothing new. The Ukrainian leader appeared in the French capital in the political coat, built for first-person more tailors, obshivanii Petro Poroshenko.There is only one question. The summits of such level are prepared in advance. Positions of the parties are thoroughly reconciled, the leaders gather for a meeting, know exactly what limits will hold each of the interlocutors. Why he had come to Paris Vladimir Putin? Why would he re-acquainted with the point of view thoroughly familiar to him, to hear for the thousandth time that Kiev wants to revise the agreements.

I will make a version without insisting that it is true because of the outcome of the Paris meeting, my predictions were wrong. I didn’t expect to be taken some crucial decisions that marks the beginning of a political settlement. I thought Zelensky will give slack, allowing it to assume the master responsibilities which will simply fixed intention to achieve a world without verification of the Minsk talks.

It seems to me that the new President of Ukraine just asked him a four-month pause in order to try to pacify the radicals in his country. In the preliminary consultations, he explained that he needed to kick the chair out from under the radical camp. Armed with their slogans. If he performs at the Norman site from the position of Poroshenko, Vakarchuk and Tymoshenko, the need for all listed in the internal politics out of the picture. The Ukrainian ruler returns home a winner. He had the will and courage to Express fundamental disagreement with Russia’s requirements and obligations under the Minsk agreements. Petro Poroshenko is not even close to these assets. He met with Vladimirom Putin three years, and therefore had no opportunity to explain to the Russian President, and along with the heads of France and Germany at a joint summit that the Minsk process is not what is written on paper. And Zelensky could.Against the names of each of the opposition leaders can now put a minus, Zelensky managed to move them into the zone of absolute entropy by setting and leading the campaign against the surrender. The Ukrainian nationalists now had a new leader who was able to convey their “red lines” not just at the international level, he tossed them into the international community.

I think Zelensky asked for four months. On the condition that it neutralizes the nationalists and paving his way for a breakthrough in the political settlement process. And went to meet him. Said, all right, kid, play their game, to beat them, but infinitely it all will not continue. You have four months, so you figured out with her and then start talking again about all these problems: changes in the Constitution, elections, and other well known things. In Paris, you’ll give the solo to strengthen your position and make you immune to criticism of right-wing radicals. But then be polite — do what you have to do.

I think he will. In any case, I hope.Andrei Babitsky

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