The suspensions are going to try it this spring

The City of Montreal has been forced to postpone its operations in the spring of patching of potholes, due to the coronavirus.

As is the case for all the sites of the province, Montreal has had to suspend all its repairs that are not essential until 13 April. Only emergency works, including aqueducts and sewers is ongoing.

Although it is the season of patching up potholes, these operations are not immune to government rules.

“During the break of the building mandated by the provincial government, the only patching of potholes, which will then be performed manually by blue-collar workers “, indicated the Newspaper, the spokeswoman Anik De Repentigny.

Bust the nests of ostrich

Until the end of the pause sites, only the holes that are deemed hazardous or important will be filled, says the spokesperson.

Thus, the second operation spring of automated population of the potholes, which was scheduled to start in early April, was postponed.

The majority of potholes in the metropolis are now filled by automated devices.

During warm spells in the fall and in the spring, a dozen special trucks plying the streets of the metropolis to seal the potholes. Only a driver-operator is present on-board the vehicle, unlike many workers in the event of a blockage manual.

Mechanized arm

The driver operates a mechanical arm that fills the hole with a mixture of asphalt and fiber. He then establishes the bitumen in place in the overwhelming, always from the inside of his truck.

Last year, nearly 175 000 holes have been repaired, including about 75,000 in march and April, indicate the open data of the City of Montreal.

In 2018, the 200,000 potholes have been repaired by these devices, of which more than half in march and April.

Since the beginning of the year, the City has received 2040 reports for potholes to its service of telephone assistance to the citizen, the 311. This is 60 % less than last year for the same period (5144) and also less than in 2018 (3375).

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