The Swedish model has conquered the Network abnormally long legs

34-year-old fitness model Ia Ostergren from Sweden hit the Internet abnormally long legs.

Шведська модель підкорила Мережу аномально довгими ногами

Earlier the girl was suffering from lack of weight but then was able to cope with this problem and started his personal blog that tells how to get in shape, reports Rus.Media.

At the moment, her Instagram has more than 140 thousand subscribers. Ia Ostergren gave birth to two children, but it had no effect on her slender waist and shape what motivates to engage in sports other moms. However, as she argues that it does not restrict itself in power, eats more than two pounds of meat a week and loves ice cream.

The popularity of the model brought mostly her legs. The fact that the length of her feet is 105 centimeters, with a total growth of 178 centimeters, 15 centimeters higher than normal. It is known that the feet should be 4-6 inches longer than half of overall growth.

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