The Synod supported the initiative of the pan-Orthodox meeting

Синод УПЦ поддержал инициативу по Всеправославному совещанию

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pyatakovthe Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church supported the initiative of the Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos to conduct a pan-Orthodox meeting in Jordan, calling the path the conciliar discussions the only way out of the crisis in the sphere of inter-Orthodox relations.”The only way out of this crisis is the pan-Orthodox conciliar discussion and decision of all complex about these issues. Realizing the difficulty of convening such a pan-Orthodox meeting, no other way out of the crisis we do not see. Therefore welcome the initiative of his Beatitude Patriarch of the Holy city of Jerusalem and all Palestine Theophilos III on the convening of the pan-Orthodox meeting in Jordan,” reads the statement of the Synod, which publishes the website of the UOC.The hierarchs of the UOC reminded that in difficult times the Church has already been the case assistance from the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, when in 1620 the Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophan in Kiev, “resumed the Orthodox hierarchy to replace the departed into the Union under pressure from the then Polish-Lithuanian power.””Welcome, thank you and look forward to such calls for pan-Orthodox meeting from the primates and hierarchs of other local Orthodox Churches, which began more and more to sound for the last time,” the statement reads.
At the end of 2018 at the initiative of the Ukrainian authorities and the Patriarchate of Constantinople was created by divisive structure, the so – called Orthodox Church of Ukraine (PCU), formed by the merger of two other schismatic “churches.” Received from Patriarch Bartholomew the Tomos “autocephaly”, in fact, the DNC was almost completely dependent on Constantinople. The Russian Orthodox Church in October of 2018 stopped Eucharistic communion with the Patriarchate of Constantinople. Later ptsu also recognized the hierarchs of the Alexandrian and Greek churches.

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